Les Entretiens By Finaki

25-28 November 2021

Club Med Val d'Isère

Les Entretiens By Finaki

25-28 November 2021

Intimate format with respect for parity between users and suppliers, sharing of experience, richness of discussions and conviviality will be at the heart of this new edition of Les Entretiens by FINAK On the programme: six thematic commissions, conferences, round tables but also many networking moments to dialogue with your peers.

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The program


The Themes are likely to change depending on current events

Technological innovation and foresight

In their watchdog role, CIOs need to understand current and future technological developments. Beyond the overview (Low Code, IA, Blockchain, quantum computing ...) what are the perspectives and how to apprehend them?

People, skills, commitment

The crisis has reshuffled the cards in terms of work organization, human resources management (especially skills), the role of managers, the use of tools (Digital Workplace, workstation, etc.) A committee that will make it possible to discuss these changes, present what has been put in place in companies and discuss feedback.

Investing well in security

Cybersecurity is at the center of CIOs' concerns and the last few months have further accentuated this position. But beyond emergencies and crisis management, what should be the priorities of companies and what budget to allocate to prepare and protect themselves against new threats?

Digital frugality and sobriety

Beyond Green IT, sometimes overused, the idea of ​​sobriety or even digital frugality is gaining momentum in companies. Reflections and concrete actions are being put in place which encompass data, processing and processes.

An agile IT department at the service of new challenges

The last few months have demonstrated the capabilities of the IT department to reconfigure, adapt, and adopt new models of collaboration and partnership within the ecosystem. How to capitalize on this CIO experience ready for the challenges to come.

Digital sovereignty: at the time of choice

A committee that will allow discussions and provide answers on a particularly topical subject. On the one hand, the various French and European initiatives (Gaia X; Bleu; "Cloud at the center" policy ...) but also all the uncertainties that weigh on the security and integrity of data in French organizations.