Good Morning Technology

Let’s create new events allowing developing FINAKI’s community and being the « place » for deep discussion on technology and strategic discussions. The topic selected for our Good Morning in September 24th is SD-WAN …

Important moments for 2019 are September 24th and December 10th. The idea comes from different exchanges and discussions with attendees to our major events « entretiens technologiques et numériques ». A real FINAKI’s community was developed over the last 25 years with key rules respected by all of us, such as, discussions around topics identified as important for the business in an open-minded spirit but also with no aggressive sales prospection approach from sponsors during business meetings.

The idea is to continue the discussion on one of the different workshops proposed and review it six months after the event on an agile way during the morning in small groups. A synthesis should be provided after all.

This morning should be concluded by a conference related to the topic selected which is SD-WAN for September 24th morning.

People invited are CTO, Network, Telecom and Security Officers.

To know more, please contact us by email :

[email protected]