Les Entretiens By Finaki

9-12 June 2022

Juan Les Pins

The programme schedule 2022*

The 100% inspiration program

Opening of the Entretiens by Finaki: Thursday, June 9 - 5:00pm

With Jean-Claude Laroche - Chief Information Officer, ENEDIS & President, CIGREF

Plenary Conference: Friday, June 10 - 5:00 pm to 7:00 pm

Partie 1 - Manipulation de l’information : comment et jusqu’où ?

With David Colon, Professor of history at the IEP of Paris

Information manipulation, propaganda, mass persuasion... these processes are not new, but digital technology has brought about a revolution in the way information is disseminated and in the way we access it. A revolution that has been accentuated with the development of social networks to the point of calling into question our relationship with data. To talk about these subjects that impact the whole of society, we will have the pleasure of receiving David Colon, Historian, member of the Internet and Society Research Group of the CNRS, Researcher at the History Center of Sciences Po and author of a recent book entitled "The Masters of Manipulation. A century of mass persuasion".

Part 2 - Metaverse: beyond the buzz word, a real reality.

With Olivier de Lagarde, Chairman College de Paris

Almost unknown a few months ago, the metaverse is now in the headlines. For some, it's just a buzzword or a modernized adaptation of the late Second Life. Others, on the other hand, see it as a revolution and are ready to invest huge amounts of money to integrate this virtual world. Olivier de Lagarde, president of the College of Paris, has just opened a school dedicated to the metaverse professions, which will welcome its first class at the beginning of the school year in Paris. He will present the perspectives of the metaverse, its potential for companies through some concrete applications.

Closing conference: Saturday, June 11 - 5:30 pm

Part 1 - Quantum: how about getting down to business?

With Georges Reymond, CEO of Pasqal
Jean-Charles Faugère, co-founder and CTO of CryptoNext Security

Quantum: a term that makes people dream, fantasize or even worry, but which in any case does not leave IT experts indifferent, as the promises (or risks) it holds are so great. With the Quantum Plan announced in 2021, France has shown its willingness to be a major player in this sector and many hexagonal companies companies are now among the most advanced in the world. So what kind of future can we expect with computing and quantum cryptography? A revolution? A tremendous technological advance? A threat to data security?

Part 2 - War and Peace, what kind of digital world do we want?

With Solange Ghernaouti, Director, Swiss Cybersecurity Advisory & Research Group. University of Lausanne. Member of the Swiss Academy of Sciences. Knight of the Legion of Honor

The omnipresence of digital technologies in our environment shapes our ways of being, thinking and acting. Computers are an instrument of power for those who master them and a yoke for those who depend on them. Through selected issues related to informational energy, cybercrime and artificial intelligence, certain aspects of our digital ecosystem and the expression of power in cyberspace are analyzed. A critical look is brought on the world we contribute to build and on the one we will leave in heritage to the future generations in order, in the era of technosciences, to try to know "if the freedom of the man requires that everything is allowed?"

Workshops of 2022 edition

How to face together the lack of talents?

Faced with a disruption in the sourcing of skills and the threat to resources in Eastern Europe, we need to evaluate new forms of "recruitment" such as freelance platforms. It is also necessary to review the offshore models (cf. the actions of Talents du Numérique) and to encourage the integration of women in the sector.

The cloud: what if we told each other everything?

As some companies return to their own datacenters, what are the prospects for the cloud in the coming years? What is the right mix between public and private clouds? How can we build a trusted cloud? What are the essential criteria for building an optimal strategy today? What are the suppliers' strategies? "Does & don'ts

Digital security: an imperative for the entire ecosystem

How can we develop and push for the adoption of norms and security standards throughout the product life cycle? What responsibility do publishers have?

Digital frugality/sobriety: how do IT departments and suppliers take up the subject?

Now a strategic issue and included in CSR reports, Green IT, sobriety and digital frugality are essential for all companies. How to define its strategy? What tools can be used to measure the reduction of the environmental footprint of digital technology? How to demystify sobriety?

Data valuation and monetization: What winning strategy for the company?

What are the data monetisation strategies implemented in companies today? How to reappropriate the value created and not "abandon" it to the GAFAMs? What is the share of non-personal data in these monetisation strategies?

Technological issues and new uses: what if we told each other everything ALSO?

AI, Quantum, Metaverse, NFT... many concepts and buzzwords. An opportunity to sort out and see what impacts or will impact the IT department significantly? why? how?